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It is with a very heavy heart I am writing this. Colin went out with the dogs last night, 13/04/2022 and did not return home. Mansfield area (can anyone share in the Mansfield area please, might have seen them walking about 6.30pm last night, maybe at wood house train station). The police are aware. He is not with family. We have recently had a holiday in wales which he loved. Porth colmon. Abersoch. Aberdanon. He may have made his way there on the train. He likes the Peaks, Lake District, Barlow in Chesterfield, Matlock and Bakewell, Lincolnshire coastal areas. He has friends in Sheffield and Manchester but we recently realised we love coastal walks and our next one was going to be Pembrokeshire so he may have headed there. Basically i guess I’m saying he could be anywhere. He was seen on a house camera with a large black and red rucksack and carrying 2 bags aswell as the dogs. I am hoping to get a still picture. The black and white dog is jumpy with sudden loud noises. Please look out for him and my dogs I’m devastated they have gone. Chester is 2 and a springer/cocker cross caramel colour and has a cream chest and tummy and a beautiful long tail and loves catching a ball and milo is about 11 and springer/collie cross and is black and white (he came to us as a rescue and doesn’t have a full tail). Chester has a blue collar, lead and waterproof coat and milo has a red collar, lead and waterproof coat. I have attached some pictures and would be grateful if you could circulate my message. Thank you. If anyone would like to message me please do so via messenger. I cannot accept friend requests due to protecting my family. Please don’t be offended.

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