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CONVICTED | puppy dealers John and Marina Lowther from #Leeds, West Yorkshire: kept worm-infested dogs and puppies crammed into a livestock trailer at Appleby Horse Fair; one GSD puppy PTS.

The Lowthers, who are travellers, pleaded guilty to four charges of causing unnecessary suffering to animals under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

They were prosecuted for neglecting 10 of the 14 animals that the RSPCA took in.

The charity followed up a report that a number of dogs were in a trailer parked near to Winter’s Farm in Appleby during the travellers fair on 13 August 2021.

RSPCA inspectors Keith Hogben and Deborah Beats discovered the dogs were being kept in unhygienic conditions in five cages and some were unwell. They were advised by vets, who were in attendance, to have them seized which took place under police supervision.

Inspector Hogben described in his witness statement how he had found an underweight German Shepherd dog who was struggling to stand upright because the cage she was in with her five puppies was too small.

Inside a plastic dog kennel there was a border terrier and three puppies, all of whom were found to be suffering from lice infection.

Inspector Hogben said: “There were many dogs contained in cages. There was very little natural light in the trailer and a strong smell of ammonia and faeces.

“As the dogs were being removed from the cattle trailer… the situation became heated as John Lowther and a young boy tried to stop the dogs being removed and loaded into the transport that had arrived.”

Examinations were carried out on all the dogs at an Appleby veterinary practice, but sadly despite treatment the condition of one of the German Shepherd puppies deteriorated and she was put to sleep.

Vet Helen Gould stated in her report: “It is my opinion that this pup died due to a high worm burden with subsequent intestinal damage and secondary bacterial infection.”

She said that other pups, who were around six weeks old, all had “a massive worm burden and lice”, but responded to treatment with antibiotics and parasiticides. Their mother also needed treatment for lice and worms.

“These pups were suffering and had been for all of their lives. This could have been avoided by worming them from two weeks of age and treating them for lice,” said the vet.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Rebecca Lowe, who attended at the vets’ practice, said in her statement: “One of the puppies whilst in the crate was trying to toilet and had nothing but worms coming out of its rear end. There was no faeces, just worms.”

RSPCA vet Roxane Kirton concluded the dogs were housed in accommodation that failed to meet their needs, even if it was only for the duration of the fair.

In mitigation, the court was told that John Lowther had suffered from poor mental health exacerbated by the death of a close relative.

Magistrates said there was evidence of “extreme suffering and prolonged neglect”.

The dogs involved in the case have since been re-homed.

Sentencing |
John Lowther: 12-week prison sentence suspended for two years (expires May 2024). Eight-week curfew; costs and charges of £213.
Marina Lowther: 12-month community sentence with six-week curfew; costs and charges of £160. No ban.

Leeds, West Yorkshire: Joseph and Marina Lowther



CONVICTED | Luke Proffit, 22, from #Hartlepool – stabbed his pet German shepherd (pictured) 12 times during a “mental health crisis”, causing fatal injuries.

Proffit carried out the cruel attack on December 16 last year before concerned members of the public found the severely injured dog, named Bella, on Hendon Beach in #Sunderland.

Upon arrest, Proffit, of no fixed abode, defiantly told officers “it’s not illegal to kill your dog”.

The court heard Proffit’s dog was previously considered healthy and a good weight, with the attack deemed a serious but isolated incident committed at a time when the defendant was going through a mental health crisis.

He pleaded guilty and was jailed for 18 months.

Wildlife Enforcement Officer PC Peter Baker, of Northumbria Police, said: “This is an absolutely horrendous case and I welcome the custodial sentence handed down to Proffit.

“It is without question that the dog was subjected to sustained violence and she was found by members of the public with appalling injuries to her body and neck on Hendon beach.

“Proffit is one of the first offenders in our Force to be jailed since tougher sentencing guidelines were introduced in courts across the UK last summer for the most heinous animal cruelty crimes.

“We are a nation of animal lovers, and it is always disappointing and upsetting when crimes like this happen. I hope this case sends out a strong message – anyone who hurts or abuses animals will be brought to justice.

“We will continue to work with our fantastic colleagues and partners, including the RSPCA, to educate everyone – including young people in schools across the North East – of the importance of looking after animals.”

Sentencing | jailed for 18 months and banned from owning animals for 18 years.

Hartlepool, County Durham: Luke Proffit




Photo – cowering, resisting lying down/sleeping

This is my new foster Dahlilah who was rescued yesterday from a commercial breeding facility in Lancaster after they were “done” with her. She is a 4 year old Golden Retriever who has spent her entire life in a concrete floor kennel — she has never stood on grass, ran, or known human love.

I had posted weeks ago that Bud was the most shut down dog I had ever fostered, but now I need to amend that statement.

Bud was frozen stiff/terrified of being picked up — full rigor mortis — but he did move when he was on the ground. He was terrified but moved.

Dahlilah does not move. Absolutely frozen and she flinches when you touch her. I brought her home yesterday afternoon and she never once put her head down to sleep — it is so common with rescues, particularly the commercial breeder mommas that they fight sleep, they don’t feel safe enough to close their eyes. I peeked in on her at 3 am and she still had her head up — drooling with fear.

I took her out once last evening but it was almost impossible — even with 2 people- to get her out of the crate. Her whole body stiffened and was difficult to get through the crate door. And it was horribly traumatic for her so I felt so guilty — I just wanted her to have the opportunity to pee. I set her on the grass and she stood frozen and cowering on the grass — never moved — and it was clearly too traumatic to stay out any longer. So we put her back in the crate.

This morning she was sitting in the corner of her crate with her head lowered — I could not encourage her to move and again she flinched when I tried to pet her. I left her alone all morning and she never lay down to rest — stayed in the position in the pics below. I knew it was pointless and too terrifying to even attempt taking her outside, so I moved her (with extreme effort and trauma to her) to my laundry room where she would have more room and a place to relieve herself where she wouldn’t have to lie in it. She immediately found a corner to cower in, shaking, but thank God she is finally lying down with her head on the ground. I pray she will finally feel safe enough to sleep.

The good news is she has taken a little food and water and has now peed for the first time. That may sound so trivial to some people but for a commercial momma it is pretty miraculous — it can take days to eat and pee. So we’ve had some small glimpses of hope. But the terror in her eyes and flinching when my hand reaches to pet her is shattering to witness. Maddie is in her attentive momma mode and I hope can reach a place in her that I cannot yet access.

Please, I beg you not to buy puppies online or from Lancaster. This is the face of a commercial breeding facility momma where the cute puppies come from 💔.

Prayers for my sweet momma — one day at a time…..

A “sign” of hope came to me when I asked “Alexa” to play “calming dog music” (I still can’t believe that is a thing). The first song that played was Bob Marjey’s 3 Little Birds:

“don’t worry about a thing
… cause every little thing is gonna be alright …..” 💕




She was stolen from her garden and has been used for breeding! She’s had a trauma to her head making her eye pop out and the updated news is: “I’m afraid she’s going in to have her eye removed next week, thank you for everyone following her story and helping her x”. 22nd April 2022.

BEFORE YOU GET OFFENDED when someone suggests you neuter your pet please read this.
1. Statistically for every kitten sold on Facebook for a tenner and actually neutered, another one won’t be.
2. Every rescue is dependant on volunteers who lose family time, money, sleep weekends and evenings caring for and fundraising to ensure unwanted cats dogs get the correct care.
3.Animals have no voice.. So when somebody speaks on their behalf stop getting upset.
4.Uneutered Male cats will wander in search of females. They will fight ferociously and cause terrible injury to other males in the process causing sepsis. Fiv and other dreadful life threatening diseases.
5. Every litter of kittens born in your home and sold adds to the problem by stopping a rescue cat being adopted.
6. Rescues are full to capacity with cats and dogs which have been bought on a whim of Facebook and surrendered or abandoned due to boredom. Inability to afford vet Bills. Neuter. Vaccinations.Food Flea and worm treatment
7. Each rescue has a waiting list. They spend literally thousands of pounds a year on vet treatment. Food, litter. Flea and worm treatment, Electricity, Petrol. These are just the basics.
8. Behind the scenes volunteers nurse, clean out pens several times a day. Fundraise constantly. Worry about cats who have been surrendered and are traumatised by being torn from surrounding arears.
9. Rescues have volunteers who drive for miles doing home checks. Trapping stray cats, picking up unwanted cats and spend hours on the phone trying to find spaces and homes for unwanted pets.
10. Volunteers spend their free time and energy picking up the pieces from people who recklessly allow cats to have kittens and refuse to neuter.
So please STOP GETTING OFFENDED when someone asks are you getting your pet neutered or please don’t give away for free!!!! Volunteers see the consequences of your actions every day 365 days a year and are simply giving a voice to the vulnerable creatures so casually given away or sold.
Lil legs is tiny and is a much loved pet thankfully home after all these years! Her owner on Doglost says “ She’s isn’t in best health, she has had surgery resulting in her being reunited. I have to say it’s amazing I can’t put in to words how it is to have her back.

She’ll be fine even if in the end she has the eye that’s operated on removed but you would never believe it that she still has the same dog temperament – I’m still in shock tbh”.

Stolen: on 27 April 2015
From: Warden Bay, Isle Sheppy, Kent, ME12
Date Found: 29 March 2022
Where Found: Cambridge Vets4Pets
Date Reunited: 30 March 2022





A 63-year-old disabled man sustained serious injuries when a man and woman attempted to steal his dog in Caerwys, Flintshire, Wales.

The man who requires a disability scooter to get around the local area was taking his boxer dog puppy for a walk when a man and woman approached him and attempted to wrestle the lead from his hand in the ensuing struggle the disability scooter was pulled over and the owner sustained injuries to his face and upper body.

The couple ran off empty-handed leaving the man on the ground with his scooter tipped on its side.

The woman is described as white, of medium build, about 5’8 with pink and black shoulder length hair. She wore a short-sleeved dark red t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

“The man, also white, is described as of medium build, 5’10 with short black hair and a goatee beard. He appeared smartly dressed.

Do you recognise these people or were you in the vicinity of Caerwys bowling green Sunday 17 April?

If so please contact the police on 101, quoting incident number B053979.

Thank you
The Pet Detectives





We pay cash rewards of up to £1,000…

…if the information you give to us leads to a positive result, i.e.:

  • One or more people being arrested and charged.
  • It’s of significant use to law enforcement agencies.

Rewards can only be collected in the UK, Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man.

Full details:



I can’t take them to the beach for a walk as it annoys you and disturbs the vacation ….. I have no right to rent a house if I have a dog nor can I take him on public transport.

However, I can take it to the rubble to find you after an earthquake, in the woods after you got lost in the mountains and had no map or gps; under the snow because you took a detour forbidden off the track; in the water because despite the red flag you have entered the sea, and your life is in danger!

And finally …
He is just a dog, but he or she will find you. And it will save you!!!
Dedicated to all who DO NOT love dogs!
©️Nicolas Alarcon


Unlawful Puppy Breeder stopped in her tracks by SDC Animal Welfare Team

Published: Friday, 1 April, 2022

A woman who bred 18 French bulldogs in three litters without a licence has been ordered to pay more than £3,200 in court.

Nathalie Bakker of Cheltenham Road, Pitchcombe, Stroud had already lost her licence to breed puppies because a dog in her care had been killed by her own dogs. But she ignored SDC Animal Welfare Team’s clear instruction not to breed or sell dogs without a licence, and that resulted in a court appearance and a hefty fine and costs.

At Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 24th March, Bakker entered a guilty plea to charges of unlawful breeding and selling of puppies. She had previously held an Animal Activities Licence for both the breeding and boarding of dogs at her home address.

However, in March 2021 the Council’s Animal Welfare Team revoked her licence following the investigation of an incident in which a dog in Bakker’s care at the property was attacked and killed by her own dogs. At that time, it was made clear to her that the revocation of her licence prohibited her from operating a business of boarding, breeding and selling dogs.

Over the succeeding months, Animal Welfare Officers found that Bakker in fact carried on undertaking licensable activities, namely breeding three litters of French bulldog puppies (18 puppies in total) and subsequently selling 15 of those puppies, all without the licence to do so.

Consequently, the court ordered Bakker to pay a total financial penalty of £3,255, comprising a fine of £1,500, full costs of £1,605 and a victim surcharge of £150.

After the hearing, SDC Environment Committee Chair, Councillor Chloe Turner said:

“The Council considers the health and welfare of animals across the district to be extremely important and the licensing of specified activities is a major foundation of animal welfare. This prosecution demonstrates that where there is evidence of unlawful activities, in this case the unlicensed breeding and sales of puppies, we are prepared to take the necessary steps to ensure that the future welfare of animals is protected.”



| commercial breeders Ray Mainland, 69, and
partner Sue Tweedie, 59, from Donnington, #Telford, Shropshire – kept 18 dogs in squalid conditions.

RSPCA officers found the Bouviers de Flandres and Portuguese water dogs in a smelly and unsanitary environment at the couple’s home in 2020.

The RSPCA was alerted to concerns for the dogs’ welfare when Mainland and Tweedie sought to rehome the animals in January 2020.

During a visit the following month, inspector Kate Parker discovered heavily soiled blankets outside and a dog pen that was also heavily soiled.

“The window to the left of the front door, and the front door itself, had a thick layer of a black substance, and the smell that was coming from within was foul,” Ms Parker said.

“It was almost unbearable without being immediately in front of the door.

“The smell was an obvious smell of faeces and ammonia, which made me feel nauseous. I continued to knock on the front door, but I got no reply.”

An independent vet report found the needs of the dogs in the pair’s care were not being met.

The pair were found guilty of one charge under the Animal Welfare Act and were ordered to pay £1,800 in court costs plus £200 each in fines. Lifetime ban but can appeal after 12 months.

The court has granted the pair 21 days to rehome all of their dogs before the ban on keeping animals is enforced.




Why do dogs live less than people?

Here’s the answer:

Being a vet, I was called to examine a 13-year-old Irish dog named Belker.

The dog’s family, Ron, his wife Lisa, and their little 6-year-old Shane were close to Belker and expected a miracle.

I tested the dog and found out he was dying of cancer. I told the family I couldn’t do anything for him and offered to do the euthanasia procedure at home.

The next day, I felt the familiar feeling in my throat when Belker was surrounded by family.

Shane seemed so quiet, petting the dog for the last time and I was wondering if he would understand what was going on. In a few minutes, the animal fell peacefully sleeping to never wake up.

The child seemed to accept Belker’s transition without difficulty. We sat for a moment wondering why the unfortunate fact that dog life is shorter than human beings.

Shane, who had been listening closely, said, “I know why.”

What he said next surprised me: I had never heard a more heartwarming explanation than this. This moment changed my way of seeing life.

He said: “People come into the world to learn to live a good life, like loving others all the time and being a good person, eh? well, as dogs are already born knowing how to do all this, they don’t have to stay as long as we do.”

The moral of the story is:

If a dog was his teacher, you’d learn things like:

🐾 When your loved ones come home, always run to say hello.

🐾 Never pass up an opportunity to go for a walk.

🐾 Allow yourself the experience of fresh air and wind.

🐾 Runs, jumps, and plays daily.

🐾 Upgrade your attention and let people touch you.

🐾 Avoid ” biting” when just a “growl” would suffice.

🐾 On warm days, lay on the grass.

🐾 When you’re happy, dance around and wag your entire body.

🐾 And never forget: “When someone has a bad day, stay silent, sit close and gently make them feel like you’re there…”

This is the secret of happiness that, even if we don’t realize, dogs teach us daily.”🐶❤️

— Mark Ferrell



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