Over the past two years, there has been a 170% increase in pet thefts throughout the UK leaving thousands of families devastated, concerned and often unsure of where to turn. At All Pets Allowed, we help owners who are victims of pet theft as well as offer prevention strategies recommended by police, vets and other experts.

This website is going to be a game changer – lost/stolen/missing pets & people. Pages for police to add anything relevant – maybe a missing person. Vets – animals handed into them, important information, an example may be the recent sickness of dogs following being on a beach. Wardens – add an animal handed into them or important information.

This is our first newsletter for lost/stolen pets/farm animals & missing people.

For the last 15 months, we have been recording the number of stolen dogs in the U.K. to present to the Government task force on changing the law/sentencing for this devastating crime. The spreadsheet was initially used to show that dog thefts were a real issue &, if/when caught, courts sentencing seemed to be a slap on the wrist. This information supported our case for a separate law for dog thefts & harsher sentencing. The figures as at 31/03/2022 are 3864 stolen, 723 reunited – 18.71% reunited. I am sure you will agree that these are horrifying figures. You can read the government update here:

A Few Cases Of Stolen/Missing/Lost Pets

Long time stolen dogs

Recently lost/stolen dog


8th February. Escaped from house

Tortoise Alton Hampshire

10 October 2021. Missing/Lost 


19th January 2022.

Durham Needs special care

22nd January 2022. Stolen horse Stanley

Gannet area, Welwyn Garden City

16th January 2022. Missing Alexandrine parakeet

Ponyo. Blagdon Devon

26th January 2022. Missing cat named

As you can see, the website will be covering every type of animal/bird/person that is lost/missing or stolen as well as information reported by vets/wardens/police

Membership is absolutely free unless you want to become a Founder Member. We have a gofundme will be going towards the building & maintenance of the website – this is optional & not a requirement.

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