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Nottinghamshire Police

A court has placed strict restrictions on three dangerous dogs that caused the death of another animal on a public park.

The three dogs were off their leads in Snape Wood Nature Reserve, Snape Wood, when they spotted another dog on a walk with its owner.

At that point the animals – two Staffordshire cross breeds and an XL Bully – set upon the cocker spaniel, with the smaller dog being left with catastrophic injuries as a result.

Shortly after the incident on 3 March 2023, the injured dog had to be put to sleep.

An extensive investigation was launched by the police in the aftermath of the attack, with officers attending an engagement event organised by the Snape Wood community, as part of this.

After carrying out a number of inquiries, the Bulwell Neighbourhood Policing team identified a suspect and executed a warrant in the area, which led to all three dogs involved in the incident being seized.

The owner of the dogs, Leon Wilks, 42, was subsequently charged with three counts of being in charge of a dangerously out of control dog.

Having pleaded guilty to the charges, Wilks, of Dyce Close, Snape Wood, appeared at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on 15 September, where a contingent destruction order was imposed on each of the dogs.

As part of the order, the dogs are now each required to wear a muzzle when outside and must be kept on a lead held by someone aged 16 or over whenever they’re taken for walks.

Any of the dogs seen to be breaching this order have been ordered by the court to be seized and put down.

In addition to this, Wilks was also made to pay a total of £900 in compensation and fines.

PC Conor Bullivant, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This was a deeply distressing incident that left a dog with horrible injuries and resulted in its owners having to make the difficult decision to put their beloved pet to sleep to end its suffering.

“Following extensive inquiries and thanks to the support of the local community, we were able to identify the dogs involved in this attack as well as their owner who has now been brought before the courts.

“We hope that the order issued by the court helps provide the community with some reassurance going forward and sends out a strong reminder to all dog owners of their responsibilities to ensure the safety of other people and their animals.”

Mario mauled by large dog

Last Sunday, our chihuahua Mario was mauled by a huge cross breed in our local park. I had taken him to a local beauty spot with my 9 year old daughter and 2 of her little friends. They were also 6 or 7 other family groups around and they all had to witness this horrific attack.

The dog was on a lead & harness being held by his owner and pounced on Mario. He literally pulled the owner off his feet with the sheer power that he had. In the blink of an eye he had Mario’s entire torso in his mouth. I wrenched the dog’s jaw open to release Mario, getting bitten in the process. Mario managed to escape a couple of meters being falling over, I picked him up and he went into shock prett much straight away and he died in my arms – we took him to the emergency vets but it was already too late.

Honestly it’s ripped a huge chunk out of my family and I’ve lost my best friend – of course, I don’t need to tell fellow group members how that feels. I was more enraged when after reporting to the police I was told it wasn’t a crime under the dangerous dogs act and even more concerning that the police have no powers to seize this dog – they say the law is an ass and wow do I know it now.

The owner in question, in fairness, wasn’t what you would call a typical poor owner – he had him on an appropriate harness and under the best control he could. He has since contacted the Dogs Trust who are undertaking behavioural testing and will determine whether the dog needs to be put to sleep or not. I just hope that the inherent risk this dogs poses is neutralised.

Anyway, that is my story and I’m coming to terms with what’s happened. I will from now on be ever championing the cause of the petition to change the law for dog on dog attacks.

I wish everyone well in their own grieving of their family pets – dogs are wonderful, always think back on your fond memories with love ❤️


Blackpool: Family is ‘heartbroken’ after their loving pet chihuahua is killed in vicious attack by ‘unruly dogs’ on Grange Park estate

Coco, the tiny ‘loving’ family dog who had to be put to sleep after an unprovoked attack on a Blackpool park on 26 Feb 2023. Left: Coco’s final moments, Bottom right: the injury caused during the attack.

A Blackpool father-of-two has shared a heartbreaking video as he said a final goodbye to his ‘adorable and loving’ chihuahua, who was savaged by an out-of-control dog on the Grange Park housing estate on Sunday night.

Coco was set upon by a ‘massive dog’, at a park opposite the family home – and the unprovoked attack was so severe the vet had to put her to sleep.
Lewis Cole had taken the five-year-old pet for her regular evening walk at around 10:30 on Sunday evening, when they encountered the man with ‘several dogs off the lead and all completely out of control’.

The devastated owner said her leg was ‘practically hanging off’, after having to prize tiny Coco out of the other dog’s mouth, on Boundary Park.

He took her to Myerscough Vets, in Preston – the first one that answered the phone as he sought urgent help.

Now the family are ‘heartbroken beyond words’ as they will never get to see Coco again. They’d had the chihuahua/yorkie cross since she was a puppy, and their eldest son has grown up with her always around.

When Lewis took to social media, he was shocked to find out from friends and neighbours that the man and his ‘unruly’ dogs had a reputation on the estate, adding: ‘Everyone I’ve spoken to knows of them and say the dog has attacked before’.

So Lewis has decided to share the upsetting video and photograph of the injury, as he wants to raise awareness and make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to another pet.



Savage attack by a larger dog which went after 2 smaller dogs

A man had to have his finger re-attached after a “savage” attack by a large dog which went after two smaller dogs.

Nick Phillipowsky cares for a woman called Trisha and he was walking her dog Bella when the attack happened last Tuesday (6 June) at around 1.25pm.

The attacking dog locked onto Bella, while passers-by, in Birds Avenue, Garlinge, near Margate, tried to help by whacking the animal with sticks.

It was only when a local mechanic threw water on it, that it let go, but by that time, Bella had died. Bella’s brother, Woody, was also injured in the incident.

Nick lost a finger in the attack and had to have a three-hour surgery to have it re-attached.

Police are investigating and the attacking dog is being kept at a pound.

It was the second time in a week that the dog had attacked – it had gone for an Alsatian puppy which subsequently lost its leg.

A spokesperson for Kent Police said: “We were called at 1.25pm on Tuesday 6 June 2023 following a report that a dog was attacking other dogs in Birds Avenue, Garlinge, near Margate.

“Officers attended and the dog was seized. Two people were injured during the incident and a man was taken to a local hospital.

“Two dogs were also injured, with one sadly found deceased at the scene and another taken to a vet.

“Enquiries into the incident are ongoing and anyone who witnessed what happened, or has CCTV or dashcam footage which may assist, should call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/100450/






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On Tuesday the 23rd of May at around 1.20pm, our 12-year-old chihuahua Chester went for his walk around the Rec in Eston off Church Lane near Grangetown fire station – a walk he makes every day twice a day.

Chester was walking on a lead when out of nowhere a grey Staffordshire bull terrier (Staffie), which was off the lead, came up behind him and viciously attacked him.

The dog bit his rear end and took a big chunk out of his bottom, the dog then proceeded to clamp his jaw onto Chester’s throat and shook him like a rag doll. Chester was screaming in agony but the dog was locked onto his throat and would not let go. Thankfully, we managed to get the dog off but Chester was severely injured.

We rushed him to the emergency vets where we were told he may not survive. We had four agonising hours not knowing whether he would make it or not. Thanks to the amazing surgeons, he is on the mend and we are so grateful. The vet said it was a miracle he survived and usually these type of cases do not end well.

During the attack, the dog ripped out Chester’s anal glands and these had to be reconstructed in surgery. His throat also had to have multiple stitches and staples as his windpipe was crushed. If the bite was 1cm deeper, it would have struck an artery which would have been fatal.

We as a family are absolutely devastated but we’re so grateful he’s still with us. The pain he is currently experiencing is heartbreaking and we would not wish it anyone.

Unfortunately, in the chaos of the attack, we did not exchange details with the owner. We would love nothing more than the owner to get in contact with us. Similarly, if anyone has any information which could help us find the owner, or if anyone saw the incident, we would be so grateful if you could contact us.

The only information we have is that it was a grey-ish Staffie called George. The dog was being walked by a male.

Chester is the sweetest soul and loved going out for his walks. He is our absolute baby ❤️ He is 12-years-old and has a heart condition so we’re incredibly proud of how far he has come but he still has a long way to go.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read this post. We just don’t want anyone else to experience what we are currently going through. Please get in touch if you have any information!

⏰ Tuesday 23rd May 1.20pm
📍 The Rec in Eston near Grangetown fire station
❗️Grey-ish staffie called George being walked by a man


Our dog (leashed and unprovoked) was attacked by this unleashed dog who subsequently ran away with their owner. The incident took place at Shelton Lock, just in front of the Shelton Lock Caterpillar by the entrance of the Fullens Lock Park. (in Derby).

Does anyone recognise this person / dog? We took this photo as a they were running away.

Our dog had her jaw fractured in multiple places, lost multiple teeth, and had to have extensive and multiple surgery over several days 😞. She’s recovering now but traumatised by the event. 😭She is only nine months old. 😭

Warning for all dog parents – Nant Y Corn Kennels Abergele


*Warning for all dog parents – Nant Y Corn Kennels Abergele *

Good friends of our’s lost their beloved dog last month. He was so young, and this should never have happened.

He was attacked and killed by another dog – one of the kennel owners dogs – whilst staying at Nant Y Corn Day care/ Kennels in St George, Abergele.

Post mortem results show several bite marks from another small breed dog. He had damage to his kidneys and liver and he died slowly over a few hours after his little tummy filled with blood. They’ve since been told that it was one of the kennel owner’s dogs.

This is absolutely devastating and should never have happened in an experienced environment.
Pets are family and when you trust someone with your whole world, you expect them to be kept safe by professionals.

We want to put this post out so that everyone is aware of what’s happened. Please choose wisely when you consider who to look after your dogs.
Our friends did plenty of research in the area and it just goes to show that everything isn’t always as it seems.

They are beyond heartbroken and no one should ever have to go through this again.



Cat mauled by 2 dogs


I am broken tonight 💔

I have just returned from the vets having to put my beloved Wilson to sleep following an unnecessary and preventable attack on Sunday evening.

This man allowed his 2 dogs off the lead to chase and maul my cat. I won’t go into graphic detail but the injuries were beyond horrific.

When challenged you can see the response…the accompanying words were that…

“it’s (Wilson) just a cat, it’s natures way” and said he “didn’t give a f*ck”

Whoever you are, you are right…you clearly didn’t.

But Wilson was more than just a cat…

He was a beloved part of my family…my son ran wretching to the bathroom when he saw the plight of Wilson.

He was a cat who had been with me as a constant companion through some extremely difficult periods of my life.

We nursed him back to health, pinned and plated, having been hit by a car a few years back.

He brought so much pleasure to many and was well known in the street and always fond of a fuss.

I am writing this not for retribution of any sort…but hopefully whoever you are, you might realise the heartbreaking extent of your actions or lack thereof. Please…in future keep your dogs on a lead around residential areas so that nobody else has to feel like we are feeling now.


South Yorkshire Police

APPEAL: Pet dog attacked and killed by two dogs in Rotherham

We are appealing for information after a pet dog, Tadi, pictured, was reportedly attacked and killed by two other dogs while out for a walk in Rotherham on Sunday.

At 6.40am, Tadi’s owner was walking him across fields between Maltby and Braithwell, when she came across a man with three dogs.

It’s reported that two of them then attacked five-year-old Tadi, who sadly died as a result of his injuries.

The man said to have left the scene with his three dogs without leaving his contact details. He is described as being white, aged between 35 and 45, with dark hair and of medium build.

His two dogs, which were not on a lead at the time of the attack, are described as black lurcher/bulldog crosses. The man also had cream puppy with him.

Can you help? Please read our full appeal:

Dog Attacked Silverdale

BE AWARE of this man and his dog if your walking around the void in silverdale, he just lets his dog attack other peoples dogs and doesn’t care in the slightest, he doesn’t have his dog on a lead and when his dog attacked mine (reggie) he didn’t give a damn and even said what do you want me do about it I didn’t do it and just walked off, luckily reggie isn’t shaken up by it and is still his lively happy self

Rox savaged by 2 XL Bulley’s, 2 Lurchers & 1 Terrier

This is my boy rox after being savaged by 2 xl bully’s one male which was huge the other was a female a bit smaller, 2 lurchers and a terrier. And the police don’t care and won’t do anything about it, as he’s a dog if I was bitten they would of done something, he’s our baby. This was 21 days ago. I was there and my head is tormented I can’t get it out of my head, but thankfully our rox pulled through vets said he is a miracle dog.😢😢😢💔💔💔💔

Attacked By 3 XL Bullies

Sorry about the painful photos. I have sobbed and sobbed… please share !!

Yesterday my mother in laws dog was attacked by 3 XLbullys the xls were loose with no collars no harnesses nothing at all to grab a hold off and they had roamed off ahead of there 2 owners a woman and man. I 💯 blame the owners they did this !!!!

The attack happened In wavertree technology Park Liverpool. Little burt was on his lead doing his usual quiet walk with my 73 year old mother in law. When the 3 dogs attacked burt from behind. Little burt past out instantly and these 3 dogs continued to maul him and My 73 yr old mother in law was stood fighting for burts life with the 3 dogs for a good 10 mins trying to save him!!

Burt was in surgery from 1 o’clock yesterday untill very last at night. He had work done on his neck and throat all day .. all his insides have been torn and punctured including his stomach bowls and lungs !! Even his heart has been exposed. Hes already been to 2 different vets now looking for a 3rd specialist vets because all his internal organs need working on. The vets say it’s the worst wounds they have ever seen.

Burt is fighting so hard to stay alive. Most probably because he knows how much hurt and pain this is going to have on my husbands parents. He’s the most loved dog ever and has a very quiet life.

Please help us find the owners 🙏 😢 if my dogs had done that to a poor innocent dog ide come forward!!!!


Police investigate as Leonberger attacks Chihuahua and kills Dachshund in Freshester 

A dog that attacked a Chihuahua and later went on to kill a Dachshund is thought to be the same breed of dog that killed a woman in Surrey last week.

Police have confirmed that they are investigating 2 dog-on-dog attacks which occurred in the Freshwater area on Wednesday, as previously reported by Island Echo

It’s been reported that between 09:00-09:30 on 11th January, an ‘enormous’ dog – described as being a Leonberger – attacked a Chihuahua, which sustained an injury as a result. The incident took place on a footpath near Golden Hill.

Then, later in the day, the same dog attacked and killed a miniature wire-haired dachshund, also at Golden Hill. The much smaller animal was being walked by a dog walker when the fatal attack took place. It’s said that the elderly female owner of the offending animal then arrived with a 2nd large dog, but was ‘discompassionate’ at the situation.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary says that local officers are aware and are making further enquiries into the circumstances, working in accordance with the legislation laid down in law.

It was on Thursday afternoon that a 28-year-old woman was tragically killed when she was attacked by a Leonberger and at least 3 other animals whilst walking through a forest at Gravelly Hill in Caterham, Surrey.

The scene in Caterham, Surrey where a Leonberger killed a dog walker

In what has been described as a ‘frenzied attack’, the Leonberger mauled the London-based dog walker to death shortly after attacking another woman, who was injured but survived.

Back on the Island, residents have expressed concern that the public may be at risk from the West Wight-based animal following last week’s double dog attack, with the incident in Surrey proving that attacks on humans can occur and can be fatal.


Liverpool residents missing important post for 6 months after Royal Mail worker attacked by a dog

Since the attack, Royal Mail have confirmed they have suspended deliveries to the street until such time as it is “deemed safe to resume”. Credit: Liverpool

Frustrated residents say they’re missing important postal deliveries – including cancer results and children’s hospital appointments – after Royal Mail suspended services to their street due to a dog attack.

Those living on Ash Vale, in Wavertree, Liverpool have been without post for almost six months, after a Royal Mail employee was bitten by a dog on 10 September last year.

The company says it won’t be delivering to properties there again until it’s “deemed safe to resume”.

It’s believed to be impacting more than 25 properties.

Residents fear the service won’t resume in the near future.Credit: Liverpool

One resident said their life has taken a “turn for the worse”.

Another said: “We have to go to Wellington Road sorting office to pick it up. It’s very inconvenient for everybody.

“I regularly see postmen walk past the same spot where the dog incident happened. If they can do that then they can surely deliver to our addresses.

“.This is ridiculous, so I don’t know what we are going to do.”

Residents say they are waiting on important letters, including a 70-year-old for cancer test results and others for hospital appointments.Credit: Liverpool

Residents now fear the service won’t resume in the near future.

Picton Councillor, Nathalie Nicholas, says she’s contacted Royal Mail three times in November before getting a “satisfactory reply”.

She claims the company told her it takes “every failure seriously” and would reply to her within 10 working days if there were any issues, but she’s since received no further contact.

She added: “Residents are having to travel several times a week to see if they have mail, and has resulted in some having missed hospital appointments.

“It’s very disappointing Royal Mail have not found a resolution and we need this resolving now.

“It’s almost six months since the service stopped and this is not good enough.”

Royal Mail says – “The dog at a property in the area still presents a serious risk to our colleagues. The suspension will remain in place.”Credit: Royal Mail

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “Following a serious dog-related injury to a postman, we are acting to ensure the safety and wellbeing of colleagues working in Ash Vale.

“The dog that resides at a property on that road still presents a serious and ongoing risk to our colleagues.

“We are in contact with the local authorities on a regular basis and they are keeping us informed of the current situation.

“While we are waiting for a safe resolution, impacted customers are able to collect their mail from the nearby Customer Service Point on Wellington Road, nominate someone to collect it for them or have their mail delivered to an alternative local address.

“We thank customers for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience.”

Merseyside Police confirmed that a man has been charged over the attack and will appear in Liverpool Magistrates Court on 22 March.

Joseph Blaney, 36, of Ash Vale, was charged with owning or being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury.–SVPpsnG8gDMGl4iwNXR8DEjZEHtsNVzs5v57oTobnOS4Y&h=AT1Du_3tZLEqvxrzR96xFvP9wZMvLON5tVHeYU7d2uiSHSHMNIVTjUExN0R-7fBweDHcuqCjfjAou4fFDjfjV1pUkH5X2tNpTjcvNaFRlOPa7v1paW4qYZkgbWi5XMznnG0RmZMrPmrnizQ&s=1



Police seize dog after small cockapoo seriously injured outside Co-op in Essex

Police seize dog after small cockapoo seriously injured outside Co-Op in Essex (Image: Google Street View / NQ)© Provided by Southend Echo

Police have identified a man after a dangerous dog incident in an Essex city yesterday morning.

Officers were called to outside the Co-op Havengore in Springfield, Chelmsford, at around 7.40am yesterday (March 2) after reports of a dog being attacked by another dog.

The injured dog, a small cockapoo has been taken to the vets with serious injuries.

The other dog involved, a suspected Staffordshire bull terrier, was then stopped by their owner who left the scene.

A man police wanted to speak to in connection with their investigation has been identified after a CCTV appeal.

A dog has been seized and a man will be voluntarily interviewed in due course.

An Essex Police spokesman said: “Thank you to everyone who shared our appeal.”



The Blue Paw Foundation

RPD Tai from Hertfordshire Police Dog Unit was rushed to the vets yesterday evening, after being attacked by an out of control dog. Get well soon Tai, we wish you a speedy recovery and will of course be covering the full cost of your treatment. 🐶💙🇬🇧



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