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Hi, and welcome (at last) to our new website which we hope you will enjoy

the purpose of the site is to get all facets of dog theft together in one place so everyone can see the whole story, we want police, vets and all  the other agencies involved…

we are not just for dogs, as the name suggests we are for all pets, we also allow missing person posts as we have always done on our face-book  sites.

If you are police, vets or another agency we have special pages for you, just contact us to get your special password in order to enter your page, note: you do not have to submit your post, once you have your password you will login and post direct to your page (see our video for instructions) and it will be seen straight away.

This site has been very complicated to put together and we still have little “niggles” to sort out so please bare with us while we get them sorted, we are sure it will be worth it in the end

Welcome from all the admins

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