The new site is nearly fully working


When the site started we tried our best to get it all completed before publication? until it was published we did not find some of the small “niggles” that always happens with something new….
This was something totally new that had not been done before so there was no template we could follow or use as a guide, it took almost a year to get it done and published but it is now 99% complete and ready to go, another week or so and it will all be completed and everyone is welcome to join or take part on the site…
We will soon be offering our special pages to some animal specific groups and other people involved in pets, pet theft etc, one the benefits of a site like this is its international, so we can reach across borders and countries also we have freedom to say what we want (within the law) with nobody breathing down our neck watching every word that is written…
So please all join, its free of charge, and the more members we have the more we can achieve …… ENJOY

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