Personal Safety for Dog Owners and their Dogs

Christine Eales

just a few tips PLAN think of your personal Safety read some of the back posts on #Stay Safe Dog Owners Personal Safety for Dog Owners and Their Dogs” Facebook page

PREPARE – where are you going? Does someone know where you are going ? is your phone charged ? aim to have one hand free if you can . Have the means to recall and secure your dog. Leave your dog at home when shopping not in the car . secure your garden.
Look Confident = Be aware and tuned in to your surroundings, ditch talking on the phone and listening to music those ear buds, instead listen ,to what’s around you, be aware of whose coming towards you , places where you could go and summon help and assistance.
Avoid Risk – walk away from danger – trust your instincts of you don’t feel comfortable leave ,cross the road walk in the other direction go to a safe place call for help .
Never Assume it won’t happen to you – think if this were to happen to me what would I do where would I go . know the police non-emergency number 101 to report all suspicions events to the police. If someone tries to steal your dog from you dial 999 immediately – Make a noise give a command to people , back off /call the police / Remember if someone Steals your dog you are a victim of crime and are entitled to talk to victim support .
NB you can Report all suspicious circumstances relating to dog theft to Crime Stoppers

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    Ronald Kelly

    Very sound advice... if you get worried go to the nearest house and talk to owner whoever you are bothered about will not know you don't know them...
    Also remember. .. if you are fearful and afraid that is harrisment.... call 999 to report it


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