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Written by Patrick Walsh:

Finished work at 2pm one day recently.
Driving home, in my own street, found a lovely collie straying.
Did the usual, put on my local fb street page and wider village page.
Was a funny time, people working, kids in school runs etc so not much response.
Scanned and found her chip. Reached out to my registered chip checkers with the rehoming charity I volunteer with, no one was free.
Obviously, everyone wants the dog to go home immediately, don’t they?
I put the chip number into Check A Chip UK and found it PetLog was the one of SEVENTEEN databases this dog was on.
I called PetLog on the listed number – a waffling long call – then option numbers to press…. when you press the relevant “I’ve found a dog” number – they tell you to call a different number….
All this while you are on a mobile with a stray dog…. how can you write down a different number???
Finally managed to call the other number – second long waffling message – then the options. Press the correct option and you are given a long lecture and then the call ENDS!!!!!
Call back and press a different option number.
A third long waffling call… with TERMS AND CONDITIONS to continue the call…. Press 9 to agree.
Talk to operator.
I have found a dog, I want to get the dog home immediately. I waive MY right to data protection. Please call your customer, the dogs’ keeper and tell them their dog is safe, their dog is with me, I give you permission to give them my number.
I give permission….
Let me speak to a supervisor.
I explain the situation.
No – we can’t give out your details as we don’t know who you are.
Fair enough – actually My dog and I ARE REGISTERED with you. I am one of your customers. I give you permission to access my data and pass it on to this dogs’ keeper. SURELY THE PURPOSE of a chip is to get dogs quickly returned to their owner?
No, We Refuse. Take The Dog to The Warden or a Vets.
This is an hour after the dog has been found.
I am a professional dog handler, I have a dog van with TransK9 B7 and B8 secure crash tested crates. I am insured to transport dogs. I am insured to handle dogs.
Telling members of the public, to take nervous straying dogs out to busy vets is a recipe for disaster. The just put the dog in the back of their car. We don’t know the dogs history or temperament.
Most wardens are overworked and there is a risk of someone’s dog being PTS or rehomed after seven clear days.
I went to nearest vets. Covid protocols still in place, strict appointments only. But they let me in. Whilst being very busy dealing with 4 customers, tried to check the chip of this dog.
Couldn’t get access to the system and haven’t been able since PetLog migrated their systems. Tried and tried, served customers, did their best.
In the meantime, owner came forward on Facebook.

PETLOG & Our entire current chipping system – USELESS at reuniting pets.

We need ONE DATABASE and a huge dose of common sense BEFORE they add cats to this awful system.

Once again, and in case you didn’t know..

1) MICROCHIPS are NOT proof of ownership

2) They serve 4 purposes, to locate keeper if

a) its a banned breed and they can find and fine/prosecute you,

b) you have been cruel to a dog and they can find and fine/prosecute you,

c) if you dog is straying and the warden can find and fine/prosecute you, and

d) to comply with the microchipping law – and get this – if your chip isnt registered or you haven’t chipped your dog they can find and fine/prosecute you for not chipping your dog!!!

1) A Microchips purpose is NOT to reuinte pets with their keepers. It’s just what sometimes happens! Not in this case though…

2) The first hit on Google for “Microchipping” is NOT a real Defra approved database.

3) In all my experience with lost pets personally I’d say 50% of pets are NOT chipped OR it’s not been registered properly.

4) In all my experience with lost pets personally AND EVERYTHING I have read online NO ONE has been fined for their dog not chipped or chip not registered.

5) MICROCHIPS ARE NOT even mentioned in the law on Stray Dogs – which means there is no obligation in law for a dog warden to scan for a microchip.

6) This dog today and I would say the majority of dogs I encounter did not have a tag on. Please tag your dog.

a) it is mentioned on the stray dog law and

b) its the FASTEST way to get a dog home. No need to scanner or database checker, calls to database cos or warden, police, vets et al.

c) A tag costs £1.99, and if you change your number or address…. just £1.99 to change tag.

So 2 and a half hours later this dog was home – and that’s all that matters.

Surely that is the purpose of all these laws and regulations and database companies and wardens and all the volunteers on social media.

To Reunite Pets with Their Owners….. It appears not.

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