Dog left in house alone for 5 weeks


#NameAndShame | #Hanley, Staffordshire A dog was left to starve inside a house in Staffordshire for five weeks after the owner was sent to prison. The emaciated animal was left to fend for himself when the owner was jailed and made no arrangements for the pet’s care while he was behind bars.

Instead the dog was simply left locked inside the property until the animal was found. The dog has now been rescued by the Staffordshire Police Response from the home in Hanley and is being cared for by the RSPCA.

Upsetting pictures that were shared on social media by the force showed the dog looking painfully thin, with his bones, including his spine and ribs, clearly visible through his skin. He can then be seen being taken into the RSPCA van to be cared for.

Police were called to the house last night, Tuesday, March 23, to rescue the dog. A spokesman for the Staffordshire Police Response said: “*UPSETTING IMAGES* #Shift2North officers have attended an incident tonight in the Hanley area where they found this poor dog, who had been left home alone for 5 weeks after his (now previous) owner went to prison. Thankfully, the dog is safe and now with @RSPCA_official ”

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