This page is for Breeders who we have looked into or have been recommended, However, please make your own enquiries from the breeder and satisfy yourself, whilst we put breeders on here we do not extend recommendations to anyone and its your choice as to where you source your pet from, we do not accept any liability for any decisions made.


The Waggle Club

Morning everyone, we would like to introduce you to one of the breeders in our Dog Directory.

Kerry has been an experienced breeder for over 10 years now and has a 5 ⭐️ rating from her local Council.

She kindly has complied a list of potential questions you could ask a breeder when visiting for a possible puppy…

Questions to ask a breeder

1. Are you licenced.

2. Are the Puppies parents Health Checked.

3. Are the Puppies Kennelclub registered, and come with a 4 Generation Pedigree.

4. Can I see the Puppies with their mum in the home and if possible dad also.

5. How old is Mum and how many litters has she had.

6. Is there a Contract of sale, and can I return the Puppy if there are any Health Problems.

7. What Socialisation and enrichment have the Puppies had.

8. How many Puppies were in the Litter.

9. Will the Puppies have a Health check by a Vet , be Vaccinated, Microchipped and Wormed.

10. What age can I collect the Puppy , the pup must be at least 8 weeks old.

11. When visiting Puppies see how mum interacts with her pups , check the Puppies eyes, ears, bottom are clean and check the mouth (for over, undershot jaw).

12. Make sure the Breeder asks you questions about your lifestyle , home and family.

13. Ask the breeder if they will be there to support you for the lifetime of the Pup.

Such great questions and we appreciate the time Kerry Cadman took to share

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