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Hello everyone, two men broke into my garden on May 4th at 5:18 p.m., broke the glass in the kitchen door, and broke into my house to steal dogs. One dog is blond and 8 months old and the other is brown and is 3.5 months old. The dogs were put in one bag and stolen, the dogs are scared, I don’t know how they are treated or where they are, I want them to go home safely. I ask you to watch if someone did not buy such dogs somewhere, maybe somewhere you will notice something
Please let me know if you notice anything.
Maybe one of you knows these people? If so please inform me or Garda in tipperary Town.
Please share this post that photo and video in as many places as possible and every day because it will increase the chances of finding dogs who are still very scared and miss the family. These people most likely live in tipperary I suspect that the area around Saint ailbies drive up to 1-2 km, but also maybe further, watch, as if you heard where some barking dogs, they miss to home.. Help catch these thieves and punish them, garda is already looking for them and I hope they will be severely punished
If you see my dogs in someone’s house or somewhere in someone’s backyard, let me know
Telephone: 0894447769

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