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*** REUNITED ***
Last Night this beautiful little boy was stollen from my mum’s house in Lower Sunbury. He is 13 weeks old and hasn’t been away from his mama yet so will be very frightened. We have given the police a full description of the men and woman along with CCTV footage of them entering and exiting mums house and their car. Please share this post and help us attempt to find him. We are all completely heartbroken and want him returned home safely as soon as possible

*** UPDATE *** We now know that the car containing the thieves and the puppy left Sutherland Avenue and went strain across Nursery Road into Beverly Road at approximately 10:33pm. If you live in Beverly Road and have CCTV please could you check it. We believe that it was a silver blue car, possibly a Astra. The police will be given all information we receive but we are waiting for them to contact us at this point. Thanks everyone for your support and help. We are all so grateful!

Our little boy is home!!!

Earlier today my faith in humanity was restored a little when #surreypolice where able to rescue our beautiful boy from the those who stole him on Saturday evening from my mums house in Lower Sunbury. This would not have been possible if it where not for the huge community effort in spreading the word about our heartbreak and the subsequent information that was passed back to us and shared with the police.
My family and I, especially my mum, can’t thank you all enough for every single share, every offer of support and every piece of info passed to us, without you all we wouldn’t be snuggling our little chap back at home safely this evening.
The people responsible are in police custody but that is all we know at this time. As it is an active police investigation and other dogs/puppy’s are still missing we ask you to please still keep sharing whatever information you have with #surreypolice quoting CRN 45220064955
We have collectively show how important community support is over the past 72 hours and the power of truly good people against the very few who don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves and their own personal gain so well done to us 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who are still missing their fur baby’s and our promise to you is that we will still keep pushing to find them and have them returned back to you as soon as possible!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you

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