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Hugo French Bulldog from Barrow in Furness 14/03/2022.Wearing a grey collar. Believed to be in Blackpool. Owners contact: 07375320268 or 073686614451

‼️Well I have just been given some news on Hugo and I need the help of People in the Bradford area I have been given information from a very good source who STOLE Hugo and why they sold him on in Bradford you are disgusting human beings what you have done to this defenceless dog and his beautiful family how do you sleep at night 🤬🤬I want everyone in the Bradford area to share my post and around the country spread the word because as if I wasn’t determined to find Hugo I’m even more now HUGO we will find you I know Bradford is a big place but Hugo is distinctive looking and beautiful he stands out head and shoulders above the rest 💙💙

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