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The PET THEFT CHARITY SINGLE “Please let today be the day ” is now at practice/recording stage.
LYRICS written by myself (Lisa Loops) and Deborah Fennella Singer, Song Writer based on feedback feelings from the many owners MUDDY PAWS CRIME have helped and do help daily .
COMPOSED by the fantastic Daniel Kapuscinski , Thank you also to Sammy Lyu
WHY ARE WE DOING THIS ??- Because at MUDDY PAWS CRIME we want to reach an audience off of social media showing the impact that pet theft has and to reach the conscience of anybody with information . The music video and promotions will show many missing/stolen pets to help gain public awareness they are still missing and need to be found .
WHY A CHARITY SINGLE ??- Any monies made will go to missing/stolen groups that get no or little donations but use equipment for ground searches/trapping , also to rescues , and a transport fund if a missing/stolen dog is found miles away and the owners have no means of transport to collect (based on a case we helped at MUDDY PAWS CRIME ) . Also 10% will go to the charity #walkingsbrilliant that raise money for mental health charities .The mental health impact on missing/stolen pet owners affects their daily lives and 2 former professional footballer founders of Walkingsbrilliant Mark Crossley and Chris Kirkland will be singing in the chorus of the single .
SINGERS – We would like as many stolen pet owners to sing in the chorus and this is the last callout to be a part of this single . Pls pm Lisa Loops asap if you wish to take part . This is also open to admins of groups . CONFIRMED SINGERS INCLUDE – Maggie Dunne (Maggie-Fuzzbox) , Deborah Fennella Singer, Song Writer, Duchess Letitia Antoinette , Aggy Dabrowska , Mark Crossley , CHRIS KIRKLAND, Rob Wilson GORDON DAVIES ,LIZ PRESLEY, Izzy Long Lisa Loops Giles Greenhough (Owner of stolen Margie and Ruby Help find Margie & Ruby – stolen Norfolk Terriers whom also feature on the single cover)
CHORUS- As stated we would like as many stolen pet owners to be in chorus as possible. Access to a recording studio is preferred ,however it can be done another way which we can explain upon request .
OWNERS- If you wish us to show your pet in the music video and they are not already in the attached posters then please PM Lisa Loops . Any admins pls ask if owners would like to be included so they don’t miss out .
Please support us with this single to help the many affected in the pet theft world and for the teams that work so hard voluntarily with no or little donations and some have to buy expensive equipment out of their own pockets .
If anybody can help promote , or help in any way please get in touch xx
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