Found Cockatoo

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This bird arrived at the window of my friend’s house 02/04/2022 and asked her to let him in. He is super tame and it is visible that he is domesticated. He was hungry, ate a lot and stayed there, very docile.
He’s a big bird, even if you can’t see it in the picture.
We believe he has run away, and that his owner must be looking for him.

If you can share this post, who knows, maybe it won’t reach the real owner, right?!
It may not be Brazilian, but you can see it on a friend’s Facebook and identify it.
Please, let’s try to make this reach as many people as possible, the problem with releasing him is that he doesn’t even know how to look for food, and he doesn’t stay away from people, so he can end up being eaten by foxes.
He’s in Haringey / Albany Close

We’ve called every possible “animal protection” place for them to rescue the bird, but they say they can only pick it up if it’s injured, which is not the case

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