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Hi all, my cat bambam has been missing for 6 weeks today.. He is missing from Liverpool, but because he’s been gone for so long there’s a chance he may have hopped in a vehicle or wandered out of Liverpool…

He is 1 years old, he isn’t neutered or chipped, stupid of me I know.. 😩

He has a faint scar down his nose (1st pic), a tiny speckle of white on his chest(4th pic), and a tiny speckle of white in between his back legs too… When he left he had a little patch of fur missing on the side of his head from an old cut, this may or may not have grown back by now… He was also wearing two collars too.. a yellow fluorescent one and a black one with a bow on and gold stars and moons (3rd pic)

Thank you ❤️

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