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Cat rescued from waste bunker! 🐱

The shift team at our Devonport facility noticed a cat in the waste bunker last week but it quickly disappeared and we all feared the worst. However, it was seen again over the weekend and it seemed that it had worked out the safe areas (where the waste cranes cannot operate) and was patrolling these providing free pest control.

We were all concerned for its safety and the Duty Shift hatched a plan to obtain a large animal trap and lower it into the waste bunker baited with “Sustainably Sourced Tuna” and within the hour the cat was caught and safely retrieved from the waste bunker.

The cat appears to be in good shape and no worse for its experience. The team made efforts to try to identify the cat/ owner but were unsuccessful so, it is now at a local animal sanctuary in Plymouth.

Kitty is now with Woodside 01752 347503

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