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Edit: He will be probably be in shady spots and possibly in gardens … he wont be running riund the street i wouldnt think
We believe he is still in the haydock… if you know anyone in the Avery road/slag Lane area or anywhere surround please ask them to check their gardens under trees in every nut and cranny please I just want peace in knowing where he is please contact me if you find him thank you 😪

*Still not home 😔 clothing and food was left outside his home last night and no sign.
A few people have said they think he around Haresfinch yesterday. If you have security cameras or rings could you please have a look at yesterday’s footage please hopefully something has picked up him walking past. Thank you
My family dog a siberian husky has escaped out of the garden today whilst having builders do some work he is very old (nearly 16) so he is deaf and a bit blind we are heartbroken and trying to find him everywhere he can’t have got far due to his old bones and we think he may have gone somewhere quiet for his last moments can people please check back gardens and keep your eyes peeled he is male black and white 😢 his name is Vito but please don’t approach him as he his deaf it will scare him just call 07876402122 I will attach a photo in a minute just wanted the post to go out as soon as thanks 💔💔💔 he is chipped

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