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Update on Toffee.
I was searching for him all last night. Left him my top, favourite snacks and food in our usual resting place in Arboretum Park, Burrator PL20 6PE.
Today in the morning I found out that he never came back there. Food was untouched.
I am really worried that he might be hurt or trapped somewhere.
Please if you see him or you have any kind of information let me know on Facebook or call me 07472279997

Update on Toffee

He was lost on 31/05 around 6:30 am in Arboretum Park Burrator Reservoir PL20 6PE.
We have an information that he was seen on the road heading from Sheepstor towards Yellowmead Farm.
We are searching in this area now, but so far no sightings. There is a possibility that he run towards Princetown or maybe he found a shelter in the neighbouring farms. Please if you see him take a picture and approach carefully. He is in a survival state now all scared and vulnerable. He can run away.
We talked to many locals asking for help and I am amazed how caring, understanding and supportive people are. I want to thank each of you for your help.
Sadly there are also some rumours that Toffee might be dead due to chasing sheep.
Please, if anyone knows more details please let my family know.
If this is a case we just want to have a closure.
Till then we will not loose hope and will not stop searching for Toffee.
Please help us to find Toffee 🙏 😢
Contact phone 07472279997

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  1. Shirley Treleaven says:

    Update on Toffee
    He was lost on 31/05 in Arboretum Park, Burrator PL20 6PE and I have been looking for him since.
    Last night I brought another worn top, his bed, toys, snacks, food and roasted chicken. I stayed there till 23:00.
    Today at 7:00 I went back, but food was untouched. He never came back to this place.
    I keep walking for hours everyday in hopes that he will smell me and come.
    I really think that something happened to him. Maybe he is trapped, injured or someone just took him. Because he knows this are very well. We come to Burrator once a week.
    If anyone could fly a drone maybe you could search bigger area up in the hills.I would really appreciate this.
    Please if you know anything contact me on Facebook or call 07472279997

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