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Can’t believe I’m having to write this 😢

Our lovely liver cocker ‘Tilly’ got home from the dog groomers on Wednesday 25th may she was then in the house for an hour before being let out to go to the toilet and she has not been seen since.

You’ll see the cctv of when she got back from the groomers so you can see what she looks like now then you’ll see on the other cctv the last time she was seen running in to our back garden she has been known to go hunting with her cocker friend but never on her own.

She was due to whelp 28th may. We have been told it can be quite common behaviour for them to go and hide when they are due to whelp, we have searched all the local wooded areas, sheds, neighbours…

We can’t see any suspicious vehicles on cctv but she may well have been stolen or picked up.


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