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PEBBLE missing #Albury #Ware #Hertfordshire #SG11 11/6/22

Female/OLDER ADULT #Lurcher
Sandy / small LURCHER /whippet / BEDLINGTON hairy & wire coated (not smooth)

WENT MISSING FROM HOME, chasing something out of garden but spotted on road shortly afterwards – possibly picked up….taken or dumped somewhere else
She could be disoriented and trying to find her way home
Telephone: 07748135038



It is now SIX days since Pebble disappeared. Please like and SHARE this page with as many of your Facebook contacts as possible (if I have invited you to the page and you are abroad, could you share with your UK contacts?). If she was picked up, and then dumped, as I understand can happen, she could be literally anywhere by now, and we just need to make it known as widely as possible that she is missing. Somebody, somewhere, might just see a lost dog – she is microchipped. She is a small lurcher (whippet cross Bedlington), knee height. She also has a grape sized lump in her right armpit and very worn lower canines, should anyone be in a position to examine a dog they suspect might be her. It is absolutely horrible not knowing what has happened to her – and it seems that Facebook sharing is the way forward to help locate her if she has been stolen. Thank you everyone.

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