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SHE’S BEEN FOUND!! Thank you so much everyone ❤️❤️❤️ heading home to see my girl

Please can you help me find my dog? I’m currently on holiday in France and my Mum has been looking after her but she pulled my Mum off a kerb and ran away today at 12.30pm in Shawlands. She was last seen behind co-op on Kilmarnock road and the police have been informed as have her vets (love street vets in Paisley).

She has now been missing for 7 hours and I can’t get a flight home until 6am tomorrow morning. I’m absolutely distraught.

If anyone is in the area, please can you help to look for her. She is chipped and has a blue ruffwear harness on with black lead attached. She is a very nervous Romanian rescue dog, scared of loud noises and people she doesn’t know but she is very food oriented.

My mum’s number is 07740973045. Any help would be massively appreciated. I’ve included a photo of Indy below. Maryanne Brant


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