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We now have a potential video sighting of Cookie with someone who is not her owner.

We have a very distinctive description of that person – who will know how we are able to identify their face.

The family have decided they will give until midday tomorrow for the person(s) to come forward. Perhaps you have been keeping her safe and didn’t know how to get her home. Perhaps you have a similar puppy and can easily clear your name if it is mistaken identity. OR you can hand Cookie in to a police station or vets by midday tomorrow (Tuesday) – say you found her and saw her lost poster. You will not be in any trouble, you can hand her over anonymously and your description will go no further.

If Cookie’s family do not hear from this person by midday tomorrow, then their distinctive and very easily identifiable description, and video images of them and the person with them when the dog was spotted, will be sent to police for them to deal with the matter as theft. Their description will also be shared publicly as they will be recognisable to locals.

The choice is there for the person. They can make it easy for themselves and do the right thing now, or make it hard and face criminal charges for theft. This puppy’s face is everywhere and most of Liverpool already know about her. It would be much easier if Cookie is just handed over safely and anonymously now, but we will leave that up to them.

Hi all. My brother has taken our gorgeous little frenchie, cookie for a walk. Hes took her of the lead and lost sight of her in stanley park. Shes only 5 months old and tiny. Shes white with grey markings with a hint of brown in. We are devestated, heartbroken and need her home. We beg you look out for any1 selling in the near future and be vigilant and aware of a very unique little frenchie like her.please be quiete when calling her if anyone is looking she could be scared. Thank you again sossosos much xxx
Hey all. Just need to thank you all so much. We are overwhelmed. Please keep sharing her poster.
Tel: 07339718925 or 07812525099

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