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Update to say Bruno is home! Discovered about a mile away from my parents’ house, going in the completely wrong direction. Found just before dark by a local dog groomer who, being used to working with nervous dogs, felt that she was able to approach him and take him to a vet. Feeling mighty relieved! 9 hours lost – safe to say NFC tags now on order!!!

Edit to say that as he’s quite nervous, please don’t chase him because he is likely to keep running.

Our anxious rescue dachsie has escaped my parents’ house and is lost somewhere in Thorley. I’m on my way back from London to join the search, but if you spot him, please let me know. His name is Bruno, and he’s quite long legged so he can really run. My number is 07736 032217 if you spot him. He’s chipped, but the tag broke off his collar the other day so it’s not on there. 🤦‍♀️

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