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Can anyone help me please
So my dog Has gotten loose from my home at Bridgend park at craigforth at around 1-1:30 today and has walked round to the dobbies garden centre where a lady that works there told me that a lady had her and she thought she was gonna bring her back round but she never did. I have called around all the vets in Stirling and called Stirling police station but she wasn’t handed in to any of them. I also called Stirling council to get in touch with the dog warden for Stirling council and was told they would leave a message for them to get back to me but and that was around 2 and the still haven’t gotten back to me.
Here’s hoping the lady that had her earlier sees this and gets in touch with me please or if anyone has a post or knows something please get in touch with me. She was wearing a pink collar with no tag and still has her chain attached, she is also chipped with my details but has my old mobile number as I recently changed but hadn’t gotten round to changing the number on her chip 🙄 the police are aware of this I have made an insistent report of her being missing/ possibly took.
Telephone: 07444181578 or 07340839939

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