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Found this little fella by King’s school 17 July.. hungry & thirsty and very grubby but a calm & lovely dog

Update: this dog was found hungry thirsty & dishevelled near King’s school in winchester on Sunday. No collar. He’s old with poor eyesight.
After a bath food & water we followed the WCC guidelines – reported him to the dog warden & took him to 3 oaks Kennels.
I’ve no experience with pets and thought he would have his best chance with experts. The kennels looked lovely and staff were friendly.
Heartbreaking to let him go after just a few hours with us so I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be if you’ve lost your beloved pet.

As for breed ? Cockapoo or similar poodle cross. His fur was v soft when clean . He looked smaller than the Portuguese water dogs I’ve met.

I’ll leave this up till Sunday after which if the comments are correct I think he will likely go to be rehomed if no family has been found.

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