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Long shot but we have just been driving along B6276 and there was a blue staffordshire bull terrier on the side of the road. We had no signal on our phones to ring anyone but left a cup of water and gave it all the food we had in the car and drove till we had some service and rang the RSPCA. They were no use and didn’t give much info on what to do apart from ring the dog warden and gave us numbers that didn’t work. The dog looks as though it has just had puppies and possibly dumped in the middle of no where. We stopped a local farmer who said he would go and try and look for her but just wanted to put it on here in case it is someone’s lost dog or if anyone lives close by.
The only way I can describe Is it’s near Alston Road B6276 just passed a cattle grate over a small bridge. I left some water in an empty chewing gum mentos tub on the floor so if you see that she was near there. There was also a red flag with a welcome to County Durham sign.

We stopped for service at Middleton Teasdale

Just a note- we are not from the area and had limited advice and way of contacting anyone. The only option was to leave the dog and do as much as we can in the surrounding area.

Edit 5:012- been handed into stray aid- waiting for confirmation



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