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? UPDATE : She is now with a dog warden and will eventually be rehomed if the original owners can’t be found, thanks so much to everyone who’s shared, there’s still time to find the owners so please feel free to keep sharing.
I’m also getting a lot of messages from people saying they’d take her, if whilst I appreciate the offers, if she needs to be rehomed it will be via a rehome centre and done properly so owners are vetted etc it won’t be in my hands and it’s unlikely she’ll be rehomed in this area .
I’ve also had some people concerned that she’s at risk of being considered pit bull type and being PTS but I can assure you that’s not the case and the warden is kindly keeping me informed on her and giving updates. ?

I’ve picked up this American bully found wandering on the dual carriageway in Hatfield by Tesco . Posted on loads of local groups and missing pet groups but still no owner come forward. She had no collar, has a micro chip but no details for owner found on the system.
Reported to dog wardens and local vets etc but she’s currently with us.
Please share where you are , starting to think she may be stolen and dumped .
Yes the photos are of the same dog, she just looks very different in different light!


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