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🐕 let’s hope the gentleman that found her and offered to pay all the vet bills is first in line to adopt if the owner isn’t found 🐕

I/we have found this little gorgeous dog dumped in the ditch on Bull Moor Road …Hatfield Woodhouse…Doncaster.
She doesn’t look that old but is either pregnant or just had pups.
Obviously underweight and dehydrated…
She is of a lovely temperament and so wish that I could keep her myself.
A neighbour has taken her in and going to see if she is chipped…
Some disgusting people out there ….!!
Please message if you know who might have had a dog stolen etc…

Ps… Thank you so much to Anthony from Hatfield and the lovely lady in the van that stopped to help her.
Also to those that are saying that she may have run off and gotten lost…I surely hope so, however severely underweight…Bless her.

Just had update from chap that has taken her…
With vets and it appears that the poor thing is pregnant…
Full of fleas so doing what they can…
I will pay/help with fees to keep this little girl going.
As soon as I here back then I will call the Dog Warden as advised by many.

Seems that she is chipped

Owners found… But had she been stolen bless her. So thin…and fleas 😢

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