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Update from OP “Latest update- the couple have let me know that they took her to the vets and she was not microchipped. They have taken her home to foster her and she has already settled in very happily with their other dog.
They will contact the dog warden and take it from there. I don’t know anymore than that but I am very happy she’s gone home with them as they fell in love with her.”

From Crystal Palace Local page “Joanna Andrews
Update- I have managed to gain her trust and unchain her. We have fed her and given her lots of water and the lovely people who have been waiting with her are now taking her to the vets to she if she is chipped.
Does any know this dog? She’s been chained to a fence in belair park since last night. Someone is waiting with her while they wait for Battersea and the rspca to open. She has no name tag and doesn’t like anyone getting to close. A couple have been here with her for the last few hours and will stay with her until some ocean come and get her or they can get close enough to unchain her and take her to the vets.”

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