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Over the past two years, there has been a 170% increase in pet thefts throughout the UK leaving thousands of families devastated, concerned and often unsure of where to turn. At All Pets Allowed, we help owners who are victims of pet theft as well as offer prevention strategies recommended by police, vets and other experts.

Though many people utilise social media in order to try and track down lost pets and farm animals, many thieves transport the animals across borders reducing the effectiveness of local activism. At All Pets Allowed, we are an international site to give you the scale of support you need in order to track down your beloved pet.

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To become a member of All Pets Allowed is totally free and we help find a range of pets including dogs, cats, horses and even farm animals, so sign up and see what we can do to help you and support the pet owning community throughout the country.

Whether you’ve lost your pet, you’re looking to help people in this situation or you want to find prevention tips for experts, sign up to All Pets Allowed. We make it quick and simple to sign up so you can help fellow animal lovers out and maybe even protect your own pet from thieves.

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Your membership allows you to post and comment in case your dog goes missing or you have information that can let a devastated family be reunited with their furry family member. However, non -members can view all of the information. Signing up means you’re always aware of the latest advice and see if you need to be extra vigilant in your area.

We’re passionate about helping owners be reunited with their lost dogs, cats and any other pet that has been stolen or otherwise lost. We know that a pet is part of the family and their loss is felt deeply especially when snatched. This is why we work tirelessly to ensure that all avenues are being investigated in order to bring them back where they belong.

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